Perchance to Dream

Year: 1968

Start Date: 23 April

End Date: 4 May

Production Company: Chesterfield Operatic Society by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd



Author: Ivor Novello

Director: Philip E. Bromley, Orchestra and Singing under the direction of Geoffrey Gratton Choreography by Brenda Blakesle


Paul Webber, David Watson, Muriel Watts, Winnie Straker, Howard Martin, Jack Doody, Pauline Kendall, Cyril Holmes, Richard Bourne, Ursula Mitchell, Elizabeth Tillotson, John Mason, Geoff. Moseby, John Higgs, Priestnall, Carol Watson, Pauline Kendall, Richard Bourne, Lynda Martin, Elizabeth Tillotson, Diane Barnes, Winifred Bray, Jill Knowles, Hazel Moseby, Catherine Randle, Susan Round, Anne Salmon, Maureen Ward, Margaret Wilkinson and Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chorus and Dancers

Background to Production:

In1818 Huntersmoon is the property of Sir Graham Rodney, Charlotte, his aunt offers to buy the property but he refuses. By 1843 cousin William's son Valentine is the owner of Huntersmoon. He is a composer of music and a woman comes asking if she may sing in his choir. Action passes to present day . Valentine's great grandson Bay has married Melody.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

President of the Society, George Kennedy writes he is honoured to have been elected President of the Chesterfield Operatic Society. He was keenly interested in the welfare of the Society and it was a source of great satisfaction to him that when the Society was reformed in 1949 it was able to go from strength to strength.

Other items / issues of interest:

Society's choice of My Fair Lady for its next production