The Daughter-in-Law.

Year: 1968

Start Date: 22 October

End Date: 26 October

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Co.



Author: D.H. Lawrence

Director: Colin McIntyre.Designed by Jean Birkumshaw.


Freda Jeffries. Paul Mason. Ann Bartlett. Fernanda Marlowe. John Brand.

Recurring Cast:

Freda Jeffries

Background to Production:

This production played at Rotherham Civic Theatre as part of the centenary of the Trade Union Congress.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

The English Stage Company`s production of this play is on a 2 week tour of Belgrade,Bucharest ( at the Trade Union Theatre) and at Milan.

Other items / issues of interest:

The home of the English Stage Company is the Royal Court Theatre -London where the play was revived early in 1968.

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