Niccolo and Nicollette (or The Puppet Prince)

Year: 1969

Start Date: 20 May

End Date: 23 May

Production Company: Chesterfield Teachers Dramatic Society.



Author: Alan Cullen

Director: W. Robert McLeish.Stage director G.A. Edwards


Gillian Cocker. Cathryn Lee. Glenys Lloyd. Malcolm Murray.Ted Shimwell. Niaill Johnson. Jess Eyre. Donald Maycock. Julia Hill. Judith Allen.Anne Shimwell. Derek Hill. Margaret Antcliffe.Sheila Edwards.Arwyn Quick.

Background to Production:

Presented by special arrangement with the Children`s Theatre Press.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Some of the cast were pupils of Edwin Swale School

Other items / issues of interest: