Bell, Book and Candle

Year: 1970

Start Date: 3 February

End Date: 14 February

Production Company: Chesterfield Theatre Ltd



Author: John Van Druten

Director: Produced by Paul Gibson, Stage Director – Fred Curtis


Julie Neubert Terry Wright Susan Porrett Robert Kingswell - Jack Lynn

Recurring Cast:

Susan Porrett Jack Lynn Julie Neubert

Background to Production:

No Information Available

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Full page piece by the author, Albert Rhodes, of the 21st Anniversary production “Don’t Whistle for me” – outlining the background to lead mining in Derbyshire in early 1800’s (the setting of the play) and the superstition :- that to whistle down a mine was to court disaster.

Other items / issues of interest:

From the Manager’s office: D. Coleman - Mainly concerned with “Don’t whistle for me”presentation

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