The Wind in the Sassafras Trees

Year: 1970

Start Date: 1 September

End Date: 12 September

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd



Author: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson – adapted from “Du Vent Dans Les Branches de Sassafras” by Rene de Obaldia

Director: Colin McIntyre


Geoffrey Reed Freda Jeffries Diana Leigh Adrian Rondeau John Garretty Kevan Sheehan Joan Francis John Price

Recurring Cast:

Joan Francis Geoffrey Reed Freda Jeffries Colin McIntyre

Background to Production:

No Information Available

Items of Interest in the Programme:

The authors of this production are top TV script writers (Noted in last week’s programme). Brief note on next production: Pinter’s “The Homecoming”.

Other items / issues of interest:

From the Manager’s office: D. Coleman – expresses interest in the groups forming theatre clubsor theatre appreciation groups. Urges their organisers to contact him, offers to help – publicising their events, offer advice, etc.