Wuthering Heights

Year: 1970

Start Date: 17 March

End Date: 28 March

Production Company: Chesterfield Theatre Ltd

Author: Emily Bronte, Adapted by Randolph Carter

Director: Jack Lynn, Stage Director - Jean Birkumsaw


Susan Porrett Jack Lynn Robert Kingswell Roger Adamson Linda Beckett Terry Wright Doran Godwin

Recurring Cast:

Linda Beckett Susan Porrett Jack Lynn Roger Adamson

Background to Production:

Novel published in 1847y (information from last week’s programme)

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Brief outline of next week’s production “Relatively speaking” by Alan Ayckbourn

Other items / issues of interest:

Some doubt if Colin McIntyre can be released from National Theatre Company to chair the proceedings. Lists some of those who will be appearing.

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