Absent Friends

Year: 1977

Start Date: 28 August

End Date: 8 October

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd.

Author: Alan Ayckbourn

Director: Chris Edmund.


Lindsay Blackwell. Patti Sheehan. Janet Allen. Roy Finn. Kevin Sheehan. Dan Caulfield.

Background to Production:

Premiered in Scarborough in June 1974 then at the Garrick Theatre,London in July 1975 ( cast given)

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Director`s Notes-Comments re the Art`s Council & the withdrawal of their subsidy.Positive comments about Chesterfield Borough Council showing both initiative and support by increasing their grant by 400%.

Other items / issues of interest:

This production brings together a brother & sister grouping-Patti & Kevin Sheenhan.

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