Roar Like a Dove

Year: 1977

Start Date: 16. to 19.02 AND from 23.02. to 26.02.

End Date: see above

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre



Author: Lesley Storm

Director: Terry Wood.


Lindsay-Jane Bartlett. Angela Mason. Philip Rowlands. Patricia Samuels. Ray Mariner. Chris Johnston. Sandra Carrier. Dan Caulfield. Stephen Flynn.

Recurring Cast:

Patricia Samuels

Background to Production:

Previously presented here in Dec 1960 (cast given)

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Director`s notes (Derek Coleman) marks the opening of celebrations throughout Britain to commemorate the Queen`s Silver Jubilee.Here at the Civic, the anniversary (1949) was celebrated when the Chesterfield Borough Council took advantage of the recent Act of Parliament enabling local authorities to give financial assistance directly to the theatres,creating here the first Civic theatre in Britain.He goes on to promote this production & also "Entertaining Mr Sloane" ( on for 2 nights in the middle of "Roar Like a dove.")

Other items / issues of interest:

Shared programme With Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Production Gallery