The Town That Would Have a Pageant

Year: 1979

Start Date: 14 November

End Date: 19 November

Production Company: Chesterfield Playgoers Society (cover states this is the Society's 53rd year)

Author: L. du Garde Peach

Director: Producer: Harry Goring


Jean Meikle

Background to Production:

Written for the Nottingham Pageant of 1949 as the main draw of the City's Quincentenary. A couple of months before the pageant the author told the Nottingham Rotary Club that it should be a cross between a Review, a Musical Comedy and a Psychological Play, but above all, simply entertainment. It must compete with the cinema across the way and the Dance Hall. He was prepared to sacrifice any historical fact in order to get the entertainment value.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

This production led to some controversy (information above from the internet).

Other items / issues of interest:

Two-page photocopy from loaned programme (20 February 2018)