Private Lives

Year: 1988

Start Date: 23.08.

End Date: 27.08.

Production Company: Colin McIntyre Productions

Type: Drama/Comedy

Author: Noel Coward

Director: Phil Clark

Karen Henson.
Brendan Murray.
Graham Brand.
Buffy Davis.
Anette Cashmore.

Background to Production:

Items of Interest in the Programme:
Background profiles of the cast members as follows. . . . . . .

Karen Henson.
Trained at the Old Vic .Since leaving she has spent seasons with many companies-listed and has also become a "regular" at The Pomegranate.

Brendan Murray.
He trained at The Drama Studio ,London .Brendan has divided his time between acting and directing and many of his acting roles are listed in the programme .He was the director of Theatre-in-Education for 3 years & has also directed for The Community Theatre, The London Fringe and Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama ,where he also used to teach.

Graham Brand.
He trained at The Drama Studio ,London-many of his roles are listed.Originally a metalwork graduate, he spent 4 years in Zambia casting gold & silver.

Buffy Davis
Was born in Vancouver. She trained at the Guildhall School and her first job was spent exploring the canals of industrial Britain with the Mikron Theatre Company.

Annette Cashmore
Born in the Midlands and trained at the Rose Bruford College on the Community Arts Course .She worked in London with the Exchange Theatre Company .She directed " Faust " for the Medway Opera Co and worked with other people for SHAPE.

Other items / issues of interest:
Profile on other production members.

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