The Magic Flute

Year: 1989

Start Date: 16-03-1989

End Date: 17-03-1989

Production Company: Alexander Roy London Ballet Theatre



Author: W AMozart based on the opera by Emanuel Schikaneder and Mozart

Director: Alexander Roy and Christina Gallea


Stephen Brennan

John Broome

Donata Diaferia

Darius James

Fleur Letitia

Mark Longthorn

Bruno Salamone

Deborah Shrimpton

Charlotte Sibley

Francesca Sola

Nicole Walmsley 

Michelle Wood

Prue Sheridan

Colin Small and Michael Eccles - Technical Stage Managers

Julie Read - Head of Design & Wardrobe

Clare Pratt and Karen Hobbs - Wardrobe Assistant

Nan Fullerton - Design Consultant

Nancy Kilgour and William Louther - Guest Teachers

Charles Miller - Company Pianist

Peter Bartle - Scenery Design

Christina Gallea - Lighting Design




Background to Production:

First performed in Britain in August 1988 - first performed in Germany in November 1988