Murder Assured

Year: 1990

Start Date: 20 March

End Date: 24 March

Production Company: Colin McIntyre Productions.



Author: Tony Clapton

Director: Bruce Green


Bruce Green George Telfer Karen Henson

Background to Production:

Problems arise when bad times hit previously successful writer Stephen Ryder, forcing him to auction his very large and expensive insurance policy. This presents his wife, Sheila, with the opportunity to cash m by plotting Stephen's death with 'friend of the family' Gordon Crawford. But how many people is Gordon fooling'? Is old flame Harry Manley as naive as he appears and how does Christine, Stephen's faithful secretary, fit into the scheming The final twist leaves the audience buzzing

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Combined programme with 'The Long and the Short and the Tall'

Other items / issues of interest:

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