On The Piste

Year: 1990

Start Date: 30 January

End Date: 3 February

Production Company: Upstart and Hull Truck Productions.



Author: John Godber

Director: John Godber


Paul Rider Jane Clifford Gillian Tompkins

Background to Production:

The play opens as Austrian ski instructor Tony welcomes us to the resort with a well-rehearsed speech to new visitors before the members of his group for the week arrive: young couple Dave and Bev and slightly-older couple Chris and Alison. Dave and Bev have been together for six months and seem very close and 'lovey-dovey'; Chris and Allison's unmarried relationship has passed its first decade and seems more of a habit than a passionate coupling.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Profile of Writer and Director, John Godber. Listing his personal background and his work in both theatre and television .

Other items / issues of interest:

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