Ruddigore (or the Witch's Curse)

Year: 1990

Start Date: 9 October

End Date: 13 October

Production Company: Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Author: W.S.Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan

Director: Mervyn Jewell. Musical Director: Peter D. Smith


Max Taylor David Pope Mike Spriggs

Background to Production:

The Wicked Baronets of Ruddigore are cursed, forced to do one bad deed a day or die in horrifying agony. So it comes as a huge relief when Sir Despard, the current ‘bad baronet’ finds that bashful Robin Oakapple is his long-lost elder brother and the true inheritor of the curse. Feebly committing crimes and losing his sweetheart, the righteous Rose Maybud, poor Robin believes things cannot get any worse. But what will his ghostly ancestors make of the mockery that he has brought upon the family dis-honour of Ruddigore?

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Orchestra members.

Other items / issues of interest:

Full page headed "Introducing our producer" (P. Mervyn) on his activity in stage musicals for the past 40 years.