What Every Woman Knows

Year: 1994

Start Date: 15 February

End Date: 19 February

Production Company: Bridge Theatre

Author: J.M. Barrie

Director: Freda Kelsall


Justin Ellery, Graham Baraclough, Richard Hannah, Christopher Irvin, Fran O'Shea, Anna Barnes, Kate Marshall

Background to Production:

J.M.Barrie graduated from Edinburgh university in 1882 and became a journalist in Nottingham. 18 months later he settled in London writing articles and novels and from 1890 wrote for the theatre. He established his reputation by writing, "The admirable Crichton" in 1902 but he will be remembered chiefly for being the creator of "Peter Pan"

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Justin Ellery- has appeared at Bradford- Theatre-in-the-Mill in "Rhinoceros" & has toured in "Look Back in Anger." As well as acting, he has worked in sound, lighting, set construction and with youth and community group's. He joined Bridge Theatre as a production assistant on, "Jane and the Magic Pumpkin."

Other items / issues of interest:

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