Anything Goes

Year: 1995

Start Date: 28-04-95

End Date: 06-05-95


Musical Music

Author: Book by Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

Director: Musical Director - Geoff Gratton


Margaret Dring

Barbara Booth

Christopher Knight

Mike Spriggs

Leslie Orton

Neville Colegate

Simon Williams

Sue Siddall

Susan Key

Mark Walker

Jason Finch

Antony Hammon

Tracy Marsh

Paula Needham

Dawn Hawkins

Janice Grocutt

Katherine Law

Rebecca Peebles

Andrew Davie

Ray Atkinson

Julie Levand

Alan Hills   Plus extras

Background to Production:

Originally produced by Lincoln Center Theatre, New York City

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Details of Committee and Production team - some photographs.

List of previous productions 1905 to 1994. 

 Story of the show.

  Thanks to Pomegranate staff and Patrons etc.

  Members of "Ship's orchestra". 

Cast Photographs. 

Promotion for future productions at Hasland Players, Chesterfield Gilbert & Sullivan Society and Spotlight Theatre Company. 










Other items / issues of interest:

The programme was specific to this production