Year: 1997

Start Date: 9 December

End Date: 13 December

Production Company: Chesterfield Operatic Society



Author: Thomas Meehan (book), Charless Strouse (music), Martin Charnin (lyrics)

Director: Martin Charnin


Sue Siddall, Ray Atkinson, Steve Squires, Kimberley Webb, Karen Wheeler, David Stokes, Sue Stevenson, Tracy Marsh, Margaret Dring, Robert Spencer, Julie Haywood, Julie Levand, Linzi McNeil,

Background to Production:

Based on he American strip cartoon, "Little Orphan Annie" created by Harold Gray in New York. It began in the New York News in 1924.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

No cast details given in programme but some photos included.

Other items / issues of interest:

D.C.C. policy would not allow a real dog to participate in the production so this part was played by Kimberley Webb.