A Cricket Match

Year: 1998

Start Date: 24 November

End Date: 28 November

Production Company: Rumpus Theatre Company.



Author: Alan Ayckbourn.

Director: Alan Meadows.


Jacquelyn Mills. John Goodrum.-multiple roles

Background to Production:


Items of Interest in the Programme:

This play follows a previous production " Affairs in a Tent".These form part of sixteen plays by Alan Ayckbourn . Each play contains the same characters played by one actor and one actress.The plays explore how people`s lives can take off in a series of different directions depending on the small decisions they make. All the plays start with Celia, the disgruntled wife of a public school headmaster deciding whether or not to have a cigarette before 6 O`clock. If she pauses to light one she will hear the door bell ring and answer it. If she decides to resist tempation,she goes into the garden and does not hear the door bell.

Other items / issues of interest:

Plays full of sparkling and amusing characters.The performers have fun and the audience is kept guessing as to which character is going to appear next.