Spiders Web

Year: 1998

Start Date: 10 March

End Date: 14 March

Production Company: Bruce James Productions



Author: Agatha Christie-she carried out the adaptation of her novel for the stage play.

Director: Bruce James


Richard Colson. Damian Williams.Nick Barclay.

Background to Production:

Was first produced in Chesterfield at" The Civic Theatre" in Nov 1957 & this is its 7th appearance at the theatre now. It has been chosen this time as part of the "Celebration for Women Season" because of the strong central character.In the past productions Pat Phoenix(Coronation Street`s Elsie Tanner)& Jean Fergusson("Marina" in "Last of the Summer Wine").

Items of Interest in the Programme:


Other items / issues of interest:

-Double programme with "Spider`s Web" by Agatha Christie.