Spirit of Chesterfield

Year: 1998

Start Date: 21 February

Author: The Spire-Writers

Director: Carole Copeland & Shiela Young.Musical director,Richard Stone.


Ben Anders,Elizabeth Bradley. Helen Brooks. Ashlea Brusby. Lauren Burrill. Jack Daniel. Alison Doram. Adam Fareham. Heather Gilbert. Hannah James. Steven Lefley.Kyra Mills. Toby Mills. Charlotte Renders. Joaanne Swain. Stephen Tew. Christopher Tew. Natasha Wachlarz. Kimberley Webb. Nicola Webb. Ashley Wilson. Sara Wright. Simon Yates.

Background to Production:

The group of,"Spire Writers" consist of a group of new & established members.Everything in the production is the result of their work & it has been produced in a "Workshop-style " environment.They have written the script practised existing skills & learnt new ones.Having been given an introductory sheet showing areas to research before starting the project, they have been involved in improvised mime,movement,voice work,singing,dancing,rythms,stage fighting & character work.Equally important they have learnt how to listen & work together.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

No profiles available on the individual contributers.

Other items / issues of interest: