The Glass Menagerie

Year: 1998

Start Date: 14 May

End Date: 16 May

Production Company: Hayden Searle Productions

Production Type: described as "a poignant and intensely moving exploration of a fragile fantasy world"

Author: Tennessee Williams

Director: Brian Blessed


Hildegard Neil

Background to Production:

"This is the 50th anniversary production of the UK premiere of Tennessee Williams' magnificent classic - and marks the directing debut of Brian Blessed"

Items of Interest in the Programme:

There is no programme on file but sheets of A4 information and a flyer for this production. Information contains (1) A letter from the Company to Theatre Manager, re press release and brochure copy and contractual obligations re brochure copy. (2) Copy of the brochure information. (3) Press release headed "Actor-producer achieves double triumph (for release on 27th April). (4) Sheet headed "Venue notes - biographical information" (Notes on the author, director and cast members). (5) Sheet headed "Venue notes - background information" (notes on Tennessee Williams and the Glass Mengerie).() 3pages "Bringing theatre to the classroom". This work regarded as particularly appropriate to study by young people, and special ticket offers are available for school parties. There follows 2 pages of syllabus requirements relevant to "The Glass Menagerie" and a sample sheet of 4 tickets "Special offer for schools and colleges, just £4 per ticket when you book 10 or more seats". (7) 5 A4 sheets headed "The Glass Menagerie - a Students Guide".

Other items / issues of interest:

No programme available.