And Then There Were None

Year: 1999

Start Date: 22 April

End Date: 24 April

Production Company: Ian Dickens Productions



Author: Agatha Christie

Director: Ian Dickens


Howard Leader, Sarah Elizabeth Barrett, David Callister, Chloe Newsome, Sean Saye, David Griffin, Terry O'Sullivan, Carmen Silvera, Jack Smethurst, Richard Mullins, Vikky Perry

Background to Production:

First presented at the St. James' Theatre, London on 17th November 1943.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

5 pages. Extensive coverage with photograph on Agatha Christie's life and works, plus the background to this play from the novel titled "Ten Little Niggers," the play and four film versions as "Ten Little Indians." Programme has the poem "Ten Little Travellers" (full page)

Other items / issues of interest:

Detailed profiles of cast and Ian Dickens, David North and Caroline Burnett - with photographs. Lists and dates of Ian Dickens Productions in this their 10th Anniversary year.