Jack the Ripper

Year: 2002

Start Date: 19 February

End Date: 23 February

Production Company: Theatre Macabre



Author: A new play for the stage by Derek Pykett

Director: Deborah Wozencraft


Thirl Drew Stan Rowe Sally-Anne Atkinson Erin Revell Nick Wright Derek Pykett

Background to Production:

Derek Pykett founded “Theatre Macabre” last year (2001) and built on it this year (2002). He brings to the stage his own production of “Jack the Ripper”

Items of Interest in the Programme:

2 pages on the “History” of Jack the Ripper.

Other items / issues of interest:

*Flyer for production, has been made into a ‘thank you’ card to the Pomegranate staff from Deborah Wozencraft.