West Side Story

Year: 2004

Start Date: 31 August

End Date: 4 September

Production Company: Directions Theatre Arts (Amateur Production)



Author: Book by Arthur Laurents, Lyrics Stephen Sondheim, Music: Leonard Bernstein

Director: Julie M. Cox


Gary Scott, Elizabeth Kirk, Daniel Baker, Josh Walker, Kelly Blackett, Craig Patison, Katie Hague, Simon W.T. Cox, Ami Kara Evans, James Howdle, Lucy Moore, Nathan Baker, Luke Bradshaw, Laura Self, Gavin Lyons, Luke Bunting, Chris Measham, Luke Johnson, Carrie Whitton, David Thorpe, Carly Hopkinson, Alex Mullarkey, David Gee + Jet Girls and Shark Girls

Background to Production:

The original production opened Washington D.C. August 19th 1957 - moved to New York and Broadway September 26th

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Story of the show in brief

Other items / issues of interest:

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