Our Day Out

Year: 2005

Start Date: 15 February

End Date: 19 February

Production Company: Talking Scarlet, The Pomegranate Theatre and the Pomegranate Youth Theatre

Author: Willy Russell with songs by Bob Eaton, Chris Mellor and Willy Russell

Director: Carole Copeland and Patric Kearns


Jane Shakespeare

Background to Production:

Originally written as a TV play, transmitted as a BBC "Play for Today" in 1976, subsequently rewritten for stage and performed at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, 8th April 1983.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Profiles of main company members, and "Big Dog Productions" (Talking Scarlet), short piece on Pomegranate Youth Theatre and invitation to join.

Other items / issues of interest:

No Information Available