The Signalman

Year: 2009

Start Date: 22 September

End Date: 26 September

Production Company: Rumpus Theatre Co.

Author: John Goodrum (based on Charles Dickens classic Ghost Story)

Director: John Goodrum


Keith Drinkel, Mark Homer, Michael Chance

Background to Production:

First produced by Rumpus Theatre Co. at Pomegranate in 1997, subsequently by Bill Kenwright at Theatre Royal, Windsor 1998. This current production opened at Greenwich Theatre 2nd September 2009.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Piece on Rumpus Theatre Company and its connection with Chesterfield Pomegranate Theatre, which it speaks of as "one of the country's best kept cultural secrets." Also mentions this being the 60th Anniversary Year.

Other items / issues of interest:

Details profiles of cast, with photos.