Year: 2010

Start Date: 2 February

End Date: 6 February

Production Company: Tabs Productions



Author: Patrick Hamilton

Director: Adrian Lloyd-James


Karen Henson Ben Roddy John Hester Pam Buchner Sarah Wynne Kordas Patric Kearns

Background to Production:

This is the 6th Production of “Gaslight” to be presented at this theatre since 1949. Last performed Feb. 1995. Had previously appeared in the programme for June 1949, Nov. 1964, March 1974 (all in repertory) and March 1985.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Profile of Patrick Hamilton (with Photo) Dramatist 1904-1962.

Other items / issues of interest:

Previews of coming productions “Frozen”, “Raining Men”, with synopsis of stories. Both adult only productions.

Production Gallery