A Christmas Carol

Year: 2011

Start Date: 22 November

End Date: 26 November

Production Company: Chesterfield Operatic Society



Author: Mike Ockrent and Lynn Ahrens based on the story by Charles Dickens

Director: Carole Copeland


Ian Jones,Harry Large, Guy Lawrence, Edward Jowie, Ashley Lilleyman, Alan Thorne, Alison Doram, Hannah Spencer, Chloe Rumsey, Karl Brennan, David Thorpe, Bethany Smith, Julie Spencer, Evan Mason, Jack Laird, Matthew Day, Tammy Beresford, Sue Basson, Matt Nichols, Darci Wilson, Roseanna Sanderson, Sarah Morrell, Paula Wilson, Dawn Melloy, Robert Spencer, Doug Melloy, Robert Newton, Nic Moy, Alan Thorne, Thomas Asquith, Emily Handford, Ian Jones, Edward Jowle, Ashley Lilleyman, Holly Sumpton, Pauline Hindle, Liz Burley, Alison Doram, Rebecca Peebles, Lucy Telfer, Martha Barratt, Kira O'Donnell, Harry Large, Guy Lawrence, Robert Newton, Alan Thorne, Robert Newton, Judity Doram and Marlene Smith

Background to Production:

Since its publication in 1843 Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol has been adapted many times, for theatre, film, television, radio and opera. The musical was first performed at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden, New York City in 1994, becoming an annual festive favourite until 2003.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

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Other items / issues of interest:

The Director writes - this piece has been a bit of a challenge as the script for film and the whole show is underscored with one piece of music. This means the songs, scenes and scene changes have to be timed exactly to fit and we don't get the set until three days before the performance.