Entertaining Mr Sloane

Year: 2011

Start Date: 10 May

End Date: 14 May

Production Company: Tabs Productions in association with the Pomegranate Theatre



Author: Joe Orton

Director: Adrian Lloyd-James


Karen Henson, Chris Sheridan, John Hester, George Telfer

Background to Production:

First presented in London at the New Arts Theatre on 6th May 1964 by Michael Codron Ltd and at Wyndhams Theatre on 29th June 1964 by Michael Codron and Albery

Items of Interest in the Programme:

As a playgoer of forty years may I sincerely agree with Peter Pinnell in his condemnation of Entertaining Mr Sloane. I myself was nauseated by this endless parade of mental and physical perversion. And to be told that such a disgusting piece of theatre now passes as humour. This was actually written Joe Orton himself, fanning the scandal of his first produced play.

Other items / issues of interest:

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