It's a Wonderful Life

Year: 2011

Start Date: 8 November

End Date: 12 November

Production Company: Bruce James Productions Ltd produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd



Author: Book, Music and Lyrics by Thomas M. Starkey

Director: Sallie Warrington


Stephen McGlynn, Kirsty Malpass, Johnathan Tweedie, Andrea Miller, Ross Mullan, Morgan Deare, Patrick Clancy, Daniel Coll, Meshell Dillon, John Paton, Martin Johnston, Tom Murphy, Ross Mullan,Darci Rai Wilson

Background to Production:

The story of George Bailey, who grows up in the small American town of Bedford Falls and longs to travel and escape, however circumstances keep him from his dreams of adventure. Almost in financial ruin, George decides his only choice is to end his life, when he meets a guardian angel, who takes him on a journey looking back at his life and giving him an insight as to how different the lives of his family and friends would be had he never been born.

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