Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Year: 2012

Start Date: 19-09-2012

End Date: 19-09-2012

Production Company: Hull Truck Theatre



Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Director: Adapted and Directed by Nick Lane


James Weaver - Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde

John Gully - Utterson/Lanyon

Joanna Miller - Eleanor

Graham Kirk - Set and Lighting Designer

Tristan Parkes - Composer

Sian Thomas - Costume Designer/Wardrobe Supervisor

Andrew Smaje - Executive Producer

Kate Denby - Producer

Philip Hargreaves - at DepArts -Tour Booker

Fran Maskell - Head of Production

Sarah Follon - Touring Stage Manager

Kirk Production - Set Build

Amy Clarey - Sound Technician 

Laura O'Connor - Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor