Year: 2013

Start Date: 14 May

Production Company: Sell A Door Theatre Company.



Author: George Orwell (Adapted by Matthew Dunster.)

Director: David Hutchinson.


Jonathan Ashby-Rock

Background to Production:

The production is on a National Tour 16th April - 8th June 2013 (there is no schedule of locations and dates.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Director's notes (David Hutchinson) describes this play as a "Post war warning of what society could become in the shadow of fascism and growing influence of communism in he late 1940's" a work which continues to be "unnervingly relevant today" with London riots, mob mentality, advanced communications, instant information, phonehacking scandals, censorship debate re insensitive or invasive press. Ends the piece "1984 may as well be entitled 2024"!

Other items / issues of interest:

The programme is specific to this production