The Candy Girls

Year: 2013

Start Date: 4 May

End Date: 5 May

Production Company: A Pomegranate Youth Theatre Production.

Author: "The Pomegranate Playwrights"- script co-ordinator,Richard Stone, plus members of the playwriting group. Lynn Ludditt. Liz Hickman. Richard Layton. Jeremy Duffield. Graham Sellors. Dee Johnson..

Director: Carole Copeland


Robert Laughlin, Sue Earnshaw, Katy Dent,

Background to Production:

Based on the stories of dozens of former Trebor workers.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Biographical details of the director, the principal actors, the Pomegranate Playwrights, the script cordinator, the stage manager (Sarah Wynne Kordas), and the musical groups (The Pitz and The Shambles.)

Other items / issues of interest:

Acknowledgements to the Trebor ex-workers for giving their time and telling their stories.