Bugle Boy

Year: 2014

Start Date: 14 June

Production Company: Bugle Boy Productions Ltd



Author: Den Stevenson

Director: Bruce James


Mark Pearce, Yildiz Hussein, Ben Stock, Matt Dallen, Adam Anderson, Miri Gellert, Eimear Phelan, O'Riordan and Seat Keating

Background to Production:

Supporting Help for Heroes

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Write up on the life of Glen Miller. Glen Miller Miller was born in 1904 but it took until 1939 for the Glen Miller Band to become the most popular band in America. In 1942 he joined the army, he became Director of Bands Training for the Technical Training Command, recruiting a collection of some of the finest musicians in America whot had played in all the major big bands.

Other items / issues of interest:

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