Tortoise & the Hare

Year: 2016

Start Date: 13 April

End Date: One day, only 3 performances as part of the Spring tour

Production Company: Northern Ballet.Artistic Director,David Nixon O.B.E.

Author: Background info`n on the composer in later section.

Director: Choreography-Dreda Blow & Sebastian Loe.


Miki Akuta .Dido Barbosa.Alice Bayston. Isabelle Clough. Jeremy Curnier.Filippo Di Vilio. Paris Fitzpatrick.Kiara Flavin.Luke Francis. Nicola Gervasi.Jenny Hackwell.Genevieve Heron. Riku Ito.Natalie Kerner. Matthew Koon. Mindi Kulashe. Harriet Marden. Kaylee Marko. Gavin McCaig. Kevin Poeung. Grace Robinson. Mariana Ridrigues. Victoria Sibson. Archie Sullivan. Mathew Topliss.Alexander Yap.

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