Look Who's Talking

Year: 2017

Start Date: 17 January

End Date: 21 January

Production Company: Rumpus Theatre Company.



Author: Derek Benfield.

Director: Karen Henson.


ACTING CAST-Susan Earnshaw. David Martin. John Goodrum. Sarah Wynne Kordas.Susie Hawthorne.

Background to Production:

Was first produced at the Swindon Theatre in 1983 and first published by Samuel French in 1984.The author was a, " Rix Farceur" T.V. character actor and comedy playwright.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

No Information Available

Other items / issues of interest:

Rumpus Theatre was formed in 1994 to produce John Goodrum`s play Schubert Fountain, at Chesterfield Arts Centre and then on tour .He had many further productions all at the Pomegranate