My fair Lady

Year: 2017

Start Date: 1 June

End Date: 2 June

Production Company: Peak Performance



Author: Book & Lyrics-Alan Jay Lerner.Music-Frederick Loewe.

Director: Mike Spriggs.Musical Director,Nick Stacey.Choreography,Jo Hooper.


Julie Fletcher.Charlotte Barlow. Andrew Moore. Geoff Leyland. Mike Spriggs. Sean O`Donovan. Barry Johnson. Andrew Bradley. Rob Hall. Sue Spriggs. Clare Leyland.Christine Kocheta. Marlene Smith. Elizabeth Barlow. Carl Mott. Lesley Vaughan.Jayne Rawlinson.

Background to Production:

First produced at the Mark Hellinger Theatre New York on March 15 th 1956.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Cast photograph.

Other items / issues of interest: