Into The Woods

Year: 2018

Start Date: 26 June

Production Company: Chesterfield College of Performing Arts

Author: No Information Available

Director: Ross Bannister & Sue McGeorge.Choreographer-Toni Cooke.Andy Cooke is the performing arts technician.


Byron Wright. Abby Taylor. Bethany Holden. Connor-Lewis Revill.Elise Smith. Jessica Salt. Olivia Haslam. Sammie Thomas. Jacob Smith. Nathan Hawkins. Lewis Hollis. Athena Clarke Roxanne May. Harry Shaw. Liam Ellis. Holly Newton. Victoria Pritchett .Evie Cull. Amanda Briscoe. Tom Albans. Calhan Lee. Gabriella Hawksworth. Courtney Baker .Clover Walton .Luke Sibert. Stuart Maltby. Emily Allen. Alisha Blair. Jessica Leatherday .Jessica Harrison.Libby Lockwood. Roxanne May.

Background to Production:

No Information Available

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Many thankyous for assistance given to the production in a variety of areas.

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