The Fulstow Boys

Year: 2018

Start Date: 20 September

Production Company: STEELWORKS in partnership with the Customs House Arts and Entertainment for all.


Comedy Music

Author: Gordon Steel.

Director: Gordon Steel.


Katy Federman. Joshua Hayes. Ash Matthews. Laura Mould .David Nellist. Simeon Truby.

Background to Production:

A NOTE FROM GORDON STEEL-writer & director .Explains the history and inspiration for the play-based upon a song heard( The Fallen of Fulstow ) , an internet investigation and a letter written-further details in the programme. The play is the story involving Nicola Pike and the village of Fulstow, its committee and Charles Kirman,the first world war victim about whom she cared so much.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Article-A Note From Gordon Steel.

Other items / issues of interest: