Silas Marner

Year: 2019

Start Date: 15-10-2019 only

End Date: -

Production Company: Conn Artists Theatre Co. in association with Worthing Theatres and The George Eliot Fellowship



Author: Of the book-George Eliot Adapted for the theatre by Geoffrey Beevers

Director: Nick Young


Ross Muir-Silas Marner

Peter McCrohon-Godfrey/William Dane/Landlord/Wildfire

David Stephens-Squire Cass/Mr. Macey/The Minister/The Reverend/Coachman

Jake Snowdon-Dunsey/Ben Winthrop/Aaron/Dr. Kimble/1st member

Rachel Waters-Nancy/Molly/Mr. Dowlas

Evangeline Duncan-Eppie/Sarah/Jem Rodney/Jane/Mrs. Osgood/Bryce`s Horse

Alexandra Parker-Dolly/Priscilla/Bryce/2nd member


Geoffrey Beevers-Adaptor

Nick Young-Director

Ross Muir-Producer

Laura Kimber-Designer

Matthew Pike-Production Manager /Lighting design

Judey Bignell-Assistant Producer/Marketing Officer/Understudy

Richard Snaith-Graphic Design/Illustration

Jessica Barthel-Costume Assistant/Hair & makeup

Siobhan Gavin-Scenic Artist

Georgina Brown-Junior Production Assistant

Jake Snowdon-Musical Arrangement & Composition ( violin/mandolin/accordion)

Rachel Waters-Music-clarinet

Alexandra Parker-Dance/Choreography/Intimacy Director

Christopher Phillips-photography/Video

Chris Gates-Understudy





Background to Production:

Geoffrey Beevers was drawn to adapting the original book for the stage after having done this previously with Eliot`s novel, Adam Bede.It proved to be quite a challenge as it was one of her shortest novels and it was difficult to bring children into major roles in the theatre,especially when the action of the play takes place over a span of about 30 years.

The play is full of mystery and legend and is about despair and salvation.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Background information on the cast and other members of the production.

An interesting article about the subject matter of the play and the links to the social aspects at that time-many of the problems now relating to current days issues.

The production was presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd 24-32 Stephenson Way,London.

Article about the authoress by Lucy Fennell

Coloured photographs..

Information about the company,its sponsors and acknowledgements