Sooty's Magic Show

Year: 2019

Start Date: 23 February

Production Company: Cadells Limited

Type: Children's Show

Author: written and presented by Richard Cadell

Director: Richard Cadell

Puppeteers - Martin Rose and Carl Thornley
Soo - Brenda Longman
Sweep - Brian Sandford
Musical Director - Barrie Bignold
Company Manager - Martin Rose
Production Co-ordinator - Joolz Clough
Scenery designed and constructed by - Julian Adams
Speciality props constructed by - Illusion Projects & TwinsFX
UV Specialities by - Stuart Laughland
Programme Design - Jason Mountford
Poster Design - Scarlett Rickard
Publicity and marketing - KPPR
Sooty Live representation - Tony Barrie
Executive Producer - David Cadells Limited

Background to Production:
Sooty was discovered in Blackpool on July 19th 1948 by Harry Corbett.
Sooty was used in Harry's amateur magic act. and In 1952 appeared in the BBC North's 'Talent night' .