Year: 2019

Start Date: 25-11-2019

End Date: 30-11-2019

Production Company: PW Productions and Karl Sydow present the Lowry production of Toast


Comedy Music Drama

Author: Henry Filloux-Bennett

Director: Jonnie Riordan


Giles Cooper-Nigel

Katy Federman-mum

Blair Plant-dad

Samantha Hopkins-Joan

Stefan Edwards-Josh

Nicholas McBride-understudy dad/Josh

Alice Keedwell-understudy mum/Joan


Henry Filloux-Bennett-Writer

Jonnie Riordan-Director/Choreographer

Libby Watson-Designer

James Thompson-Food Director

Zoe Spurr- Lighting Designer

Alexandra Faye Braithwaite-Sound Designer and Composer

Chris Murray-Associate Sound Designer


Callum Finn-Production Manager

Lauren Barclay-Company Stage Manager

Emily Hicks-Watkins-Deputy Stage Manager

Faisa Ibrahim-Assistant Stage Manager

Amy Baston-Assistant Stage Manager/Wardrobe

Dominic Cook-Production Electrician

Lorraine Ebdon-Price-Costume Supervisor

Target Live-PR Marketing,Design & Social Media

PW Productions-Producer

Karl Sydow-Producer

Iain Gillie-Executive Producer


Peter Wilson-Chairman and Chief Executive

Iain Gillie-Managing Director

Brad Fitt-Associate Producer

Neil Hillyer-General Manager

Zoe Simpson-Associate Producer

George Rowell-Production Co-Ordinator

Janice Taylor-   Production Co-Ordinator

Sarah Peters-Production Co-Ordinator

Daksha Vithlani-Accountant

Rama Umanee-Production Co-Ordinator (accounts)       

Alice Keedwell-understudy mum/Joan




Background to Production:

 A coming-of-age story told through the eyes of a nine year old boy i.e. the young Nigel Slater, now, in adulthood a famous chef and writer.Nigel was heavily involved with this production as it was based on his own memoirs.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Record of conversation between the write Henry Filloux-Bennett and the director Jonnie Riordan.

An extract from "Toast".

Rehearsal pictures.

Background information about the performers and other members associated with the production.

Other items / issues of interest:

The aroma of toast wafted in from the wings throughout the production.