Time and Time Again

Year: 2020

Start Date: 28-01-2020

End Date: 01-02-2020


Family Comedy

Author: Alan Ayckbourn

Director: Karen Henson


John Goodrum-Graham

Susan Earnshaw-Anna

David Martin-Leonard

Anna MItcham-Joan

Chris Sheridan-Peter

Karen Henson-Director

John Goodrum-Designer

David Gilbrook-Sound Design

Sarah Wynne Kordas-Stage Management

Conal Walsh-Stage Management

Juliette Strobel- Stage Management

Pete Siddon-Set Realisation








Recurring Cast:

John Goodrum Susan Earnshaw David Martin Anna Mitcham Chris Sheridan

Background to Production:

First presented by Michael Codron on 16 th. August 1972 at the Comedy Theatre, London

Other items / issues of interest:

After the show on Thursday , meet the cast in the bar for a game in the style of "Just a Minute"

Production Gallery