Wait Until Dark

Year: 2020

Start Date: 21-01-2020

End Date: 26-01-2020



Author: Frederick Knott

Director: Karen Henson


Chris Sheridan - Mike

David Martin - Croker

David Gilbrook  - Roat

Anna Mitcham - Susy Henderson

John Goodrum - Sam Henderson

Juliette Strobel  - Gloria

Karen Henson - Director

Sarah Wynne Kordas - Set Design

Keith Tuttle - Lighting Design

David Gilbrook - Sound Design

Geoff Gilder - Costume Design


Recurring Cast:

Chris Sheridan David Gilbrook David Martin Anna Mitcham John Goodrum

Background to Production:

First performed on Broadway in 1966 and often revived since then. A film version was released in 1967, and the play was published in the same year. The London West End production, with Honor Blackman and Peter Sallis, was also successful, running for nearly two years.

This production was first performed at Nottingham Theatre Royal in the 2019 Colin McIntyre Classic Thriller Season.

Items of Interest in the Programme:

Post-show quiz after Thursday performance in the style of "Would I Lie to You?"

Production Gallery

Prodcution Video