Three and a Bit

"Go and hang these in Three and a Bit" - an armful of costumes thrust at you with these incomprehensible instructions. Guaranteed to baffle a newcomer, but simple once explained. Turns out it's the laundry room, and its name derives from the fact that it's on the top corridor backstage. There are six dressing rooms, three upstairs and three down. So as you go through the Pass Doors (which separate Front of House from Backstage) you come to Dressing Room 1, Dressing Room2, Dressing Room 3 and then, tucked round the corner to the right, a cramped little space that doesn't really deserve a number of its own - hence three and a bit - simple!

Originally the Projectionists' Room (from when the theatre was one of only two back-projection cinemas in the country) this photograph shows the steps which originally led up to the Projection Box itself, now used as a store for the Grand Piano.

Stuart Basson, currently Technical Manager at the Pomegranate, whose career at the theatre goes back to the final days of Rep, has contacted us with the following additional information:

three & a bit is the old re-winding room from the cinema days, where films would be wound and re-wound to adapt them for back projection. As the caption says, the projection box itself was up the small flight of stairs at the end of three & a bit and was, with the same naming logic, known in the rep days as "three & a bit more. 3 & a bit more was used as a shoe store in the last days of the fortnightly rep.

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