The Crooked Spire (and the windlass)

Members of Ashgate Heritage Arts have been frantically busy creating and filming in homes and gardens across Britain putting their show together. Adapted by Derbyshire writers from Chris Nickson’s amazing tale of Chesterfield, it involves members of the choirs from both our own Crooked Spire Church and Dronfield Church; musicians from Brampton Community Band and Jig for a Kiss as well as actors who have been busy in their own locations. There is a breath-taking animation of the original, 600 year-old medieval windlass which is now on display at Chesterfield Museum.

The show been supported by an Arts Council of England project grant.

The schedule and YouTube links for the brand new performances are as follows:

Tuesday 8th December at 7pm a second chance to see our original Crooked Spire musical showcase

Wednesday December 9th at 7pm our new 30 minute online production of The Crooked Spire (Windlass edition) supported by the Arts Council will be shown on our Your Tube channel

Thurs Dec 10th at 7pm (with BSL-signing)

This will be followed by a Q&A with actors and creative team. Free Tickets for Q&A: